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The Great Debate Web Quest

Welcome to the Great Debate Web Quest! In this Web Quest, you will learn how to form an opinion and debate that opinion using researching skills. You will also present your opinions using words and images.

Did you know that the United States spends more than 100 billion dollars in obesity-related costs? That's a lot of money. Most people believe that childhood obesity needs to be prevented so that Americans can live healthy, happy lives. However, policy makers and parents disagree over how to best achieve this goal. Some argue that schools must be leaders in stopping childhood obesity, but others believe that school have enough to handle and should focus its resources on increasing math and reading scores.

So, eighth graders, here's your great debate question. Do you disagree or agree with the following statement?
Physical education and health classes in grades K-12 should be compulsory. Click on the links below to begin.

State Standards: R8.A.2.3.1: Make inferences and/or draw conclusions based on information from text. R8.A.2.3.2: Cite evidence from text to support generalizations. (

Links to Embark on your Web Quest

The Task (What to Do)
The Process (How to Complete Your Project)
Evaluation (How you will be graded)
Conclusion (What you have learned and What's Next)
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