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The Great Debate Task

The Task

You must complete a mission, a mission to research, debate and create a campaign to challenge other group's opinions.

Get together with three classmates to form a debate team. Find classmates that you work well with and who share your opinion about the debate question.

Once your team is formed, work together to assign each other roles. The team will consist of a researcher, secretary, writer and graphic designer. The researcher gathers information from the links provided on this Web quest. The secretary keeps track of the Web sites used as well as all other resources. The writer will write a one-page persuasive essay on the group's position and the graphic designer must create a poster representing the group's position and work.

By day 3 of week one, each group should submit on an index card to their teacher who is in the group, the group name, the group's roles and your group's position.

This project is to be completed in three weeks. Work together and have fun!

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